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Hair Systems, What Is It?

A Hair System, or Hair Prosthesis, is a method where a precise measured hairpiece, is being cut and then firmly glued to the balding or thin area of the scalp. After installation, the Hair System is cut into the model and wish of the client so that they can have their dream hairstyle within just a few hours. The Hair System is installed in such a way that our clients will still be able to enjoy daily activities such as sports, swimming and everything that comes with it!

Hairsystems Amsterdam

How Does The Pre-Process Work?

Hair Systems for men in Amsterdam

After you have decided to take action and decide to take a Hair System, an Online intake interview of approximately 1 hour will take place. During this Online-Intake, our hair specialist will discuss what exactly your wish is, what kind of model hairstyle you want and how we will work towards reaching that goal. All questions are also answered extensively. The process will take place in our barbershop in Amsterdam-Oost.

Why Should I Get A Hair Prosthesis?

For several decades now, (young) men have been struggling with hair loss. The whole process can be very frustrating for many people, because many men lose their self-confidence in addition to their hair.  In a world where you sometimes have to spend ten thousand euros yourself to be able to undergo a hair transplation and would have to face all the risks such as 'What if my scalp doesn't accept the newly implanted hairs and I lose everything again after a few years?'

Fortunately, there is a much simpler, more effective and faster way to have full hair. With Hair System we make sure that our clients leave our shop with a full hair on their head and a big smile on their face, within just a few hours! There is no surgery or pain involved in the process and results are immediate.

With high quality 100% Remy human hair, we make sure our non-surgical hair replacements gives our clients a completely natural look! Our hair replacement systems are undetectable, look realistic and are durable enough that the system will allow our clients to continue with their daily routines, work, sleep and sports.

Hairsystems Amsterdam-Oost

How Much Does A Hair System Cost?

The cost for taking and installing is different on each person , some need more hair and some need just partial. The price will be given after the consult.

This includes the following:

The costs for a maintenance with a haircut are €49,99

The costs for a maintenance without a haircut are €39.99


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There Are So Many Different Types of Hair Systems, Which One Should I Have?

Hair systems come in different shapes and sizes. For example, one base of a hair system allows air & water to pass through, while another base does not. We will inform you extensively about this and explain what each base is for, so that we can work together towards the perfect Hair System!

Can I swim with a Hair System?

That shouldn't be a problem at all!

Can I Sleep Comfortably With A Hair System?

Yes, the hair system should only be removed during maintenance.

How Long Can I Wear My Hair System Without Having To Take IT Off?

This strongly depends on certain factors such as how oily the scalp is, how often one exercises very intensively and how quickly the hair grows under the hair system. On average, it takes about 3 weeks until maintenance is needed

How Long Does A Hair System Last?

On average 3 months. but this also depends strongly on various factors. This can be both extended and shortened depending on how the hairpiece is handled. With someone with enough and the right knowledge, a hair system can even last 5/6 months!

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You're also welcome to visit our barbershop at Sumatrastraat 201D, in Amsterdam Oost, 1094NB.